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From Ray and Cathy Posner    9:48 AM


The possibilities for making money at home are endless, whether you are just a beginner or looking for ways to improve an existing home business or perhaps a mum looking to make some extra cash to help make ends meet.


If this is you then this is the page you have been waiting for all your life, where you can be shown these secrets.


In this day and age of higher prices and a lower standard of living, life can be hard.


If you are thinking about starting a home business in today's economy then you should read this...


So who are we and why should you subscribe to another list?


We are two ordinary people who have spent years trying to discover how to make money working from home.


Like you we have followed Guru after Guru, tried this, tried that and yes we have had a few small successes but not enough to live on. We have seen our capital erode week after week, month after month, year after year while we struggle with what we knew had to work.


After all, just like you, we read the stories of people who made $24,563.23 in 3 days, who drive Ferraris and live in multi million dollar mansions, work only 3 hours a month while people throw money at them hour after hour, day in day out while they seemingly lounge around in their underwear and hardly lift a finger. Or they sit on the beach all day.


Now we don’t know about you but nothing appeals to us less than sitting around all day, in our underwear. While the beach has some appeal we ask, is that the right sort of environment to sit with your laptop – after all salt air and sand does not seem to be the place for high priced electronic equipment.


So how do these so call Gurus really do it? Surely they must have some secret? After all they all seem to make heaps of money with so little effort. Or do they?


Well until recently we struggled to find this so called secret. 


  I’m Ready!

Making Money At Home

Please Give Me “Making Money At Home” Absolutely Free


We read hundreds of emails every day. We downloaded every thing we could get our hands on, we bought course after course, many costing thousands of dollars, we joined membership site after membership site, the hard drive on our computer was bulging at the seams with all this valuable information but still no secret, despite all the promises, could be found.


That is, until recently when we were fortunate enough to be taken under the wing of someone who, like us, like you, has done all of this. A person who spent in excess of $100,000 on courses, books, seminars looking for the secret to making money from home.


A person who is probably not all that well known to most people.


He’s not up there on stage at seminar after seminar, repeating the same tidbit of information, time after time and then selling you a course for $1,000’s that will “Unlock the Secret” but you have to rush to the back of the room to be one of only 17 people who can have this course at this amazing price.


By the way, how is it if there’s only 17 available, these same experts always have more available at “this amazing price” at seminar after seminar?


Anyway, we digress, this person prefers to “fly under the radar” and enjoy his family, the lifestyle, the house, and the car. He likes his privacy and does not need to brag about what he’s got.


So, we hear you asking, how can this help you?  Well there is a very good reason why we want to help you find your way to financial freedom. You see one of the things we had to agree to before our friend would agree to help us was that we had to pass this knowledge on to others so that they too may share the wealth.


“Ah Ha!” we hear you saying – “all you are going to do is to try and sell me more courses and all I will do is spend more money and still be no better off”.


Now we will be totally upfront here, we will from time to time make offers to you, after all like you we need  an income to live and enjoy the freedom that life has to offer.


BUT and this is a big but we will only recommend anything if it meets our high standard, gold seal, tick of approval as being something that will fast track you on your journey to that lifestyle of your dreams.


I’m Ready!

Please Give Me “Making Money At Home” Absolutely Free


We will not be promoting launch after launch. Our aim is to give you good solid content that will work for you. And “Yes”, you will have to do some work – there is no magic pill, no silver bullet that will make you a millionaire overnight. If that’s what you want then please stop reading right now. You do not qualify to be on our list.


You see we only want people who are prepared to put in the effort in the first place and who will follow our advice. If the thought of working hard, maybe working full time and putting in some extra hours every night and at weekends doesn’t appeal to you then you are unlikely to succeed and you don’t qualify to be with us.


Still with us? …… Good!


So, you've decided to start or grow your own business from home!


We Can Offer You The Opportunity Of Financial Freedom By Showing You Ways Of Making Money At Home...


Congratulations! And welcome to the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship. While there is a lot to learn, your effort will be worth it. The thrill of growing your business, the freedom and flexibility to set your own hours, and the possibilities of ever-increasing financial rewards are all wonderful reasons to get started.

Now that you've decided to start your business, working at home, you might be wondering "How can I get it off to the strongest possible start?"


Here’s just a sample of what you will be shown in your FREE BOOK … 


Tips For Your Home Based Business Success”


  • Why you must set up a separate working space in your home.
  • What you need to have an efficient work space
  • The importance of defining the parameters of your business.
  • Some of the most common pitfalls to avoid.
  • Why you must have a plan.
  • How networking with others can grow your business.
  • The importance of presenting a professional image.

The Benefits Of A Home Based Business


Taking advantage of a home-based business opportunity can afford you many benefits. Not only the monetary benefits, but lifestyle benefits as well. Whether lifestyle or monetary, these benefits can be far greater than the benefits you receive working for an employer.


If you are already working in your own home-based business or just entertaining the idea, be sure to evaluate your options and consider the value of the benefits you will receive.


Home-based business opportunities can provide you with independence and financial freedom.

Benefits like:

  • The freedom to work the hours you choose.
  • Independence and financial freedom.
  • More time available with your family.
  • Increased leisure time.
  • Stress reduction is another benefit of operating a home-based business.
  • You will have no daily commute, you will save money on gas and automobile expenses.
  • The perfect chance for you to attain financial and personal freedom. 
  • There are numerous business opportunities for you to pick and choose from.

Your FREE BOOK starts out with information that everyone working from home needs to do to make money.  If you are thinking about starting a home business, you heard correct, this guide is free and will get you on the fast track to success.


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“Making Money At Home” takes you step by step through the things you must do to be successful working from home. 


Yes, you too, can be making money at home however, a strong desire and a never quit attitude is required.  Our goal is to help teach people that are new and not so new how to succeed.  We are dedicated to finding ways that do not cost a fortune in start up costs. 


As well you will get a REGULAR NEWSLETTER giving you more tips. Tips that will help you grow your business and present you with new opportunities as we find them.


We are continually searching and looking for ways of making income from home… and we search for the free and least costly ways to do this. Imagine what it's like to love what you do and make an income from it at the same time. 


You can quickly be ready to start making money from the comfort of your own home. There is no shortage of people who are already doing this now and there is no reason why you can’t join them.


Imagine working the hours you choose, when you choose, without the hassles of battling peak hour traffic, day in day out. This can be you!


If you are you looking for answers then “Making Money At Home” provides information showing you how to do it and our REGULAR NEWSLETTER will give you more tips and opportunities.


Did you know that you can even start your business without leaving your job? And when your business at home grows enough, you can stop punching a time-clock, driving through annoying traffic and helping your boss become rich while you stay Just Over Broke (J.O.B.). In the words of the immortal Donald Trump you can tell your boss “You’re Fired!”


You can run you business from anywhere in the world and get proven tips and tricks delivered to your inbox regularly.


So grab your FREE BOOK NOW! Simply click on the link below and you will be reading it in a few minutes from now, even if it’s 3.00 AM.



I’m Ready!

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Let us ask you one final question.


Are you ready to start making money at home or are you going to sit back and let others take advantage of the opportunities you are missing?


So we will leave it up to you.



Ray and Cathy Posner


Your Making Money At Home Mentors



P.S.  Your REGULAR NEWSLETTER will continue to give you more tips and opportunities to increase your Home Income so you can enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams


P.P.S.   Bet you’re wondering how good this book is if we are giving it away free. The reason it’s free is because of our commitment to our Mentor that we will help others in return for his help to us. We believe that “Making Money At Home” could easily be sold for $97 and at that would be good value.


There’s only one way for you to find out and that’s to Try It Now      


Please Give Me “Making Money At Home” Absolutely Free















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